06 April 2013


Currents worth following and eddies worth lingering in.
Phytoplankton blooming in an eddy: Image courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory

Horned ghost crabs change camouflage to match day and night, but only in their translucent juvenile phase. From the BBC.

Remote coral reefs fare better in a warming ocean than those near people. From ScienceNow, originally at Science.

Maps of Louisiana show 80 years of land lost to subsiding earth and rising seas. At ClimateWatch.

A NASA satellite recently spied a remnant piece of the mighty B-15 iceberg 13 years after it calved off Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf. From The Antarctic Sun.
Male Ascension frigatebird with chick: Drew Avery at Flickr

The late, great Roger Ebert wrote one of his last columns about climate change: "I have watched with a kind of petrified fascination in recent years as the world creeps closer to what looks to me like disastrous climate change." At the Chicago Sun-Times.

Follow the travels of Jospehine, Napoleon, and Nellie——three GPS-tagged Ascension frigatebirds——as they forage at sea during the breeding season. True to his namesake, Napoleon is roaming the farthest. From seaturtle.org

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