19 April 2013


Razorshells, dead man's fingers, brittlestars, otter shells, anemones, runner crabs——all ripped from the sea floor during epic Irish winds and tides. This short film is set to possibly the most underwatery song ever performed: Hendrix's 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be). 

Filmmaker George Karellas writes of the tsunamilike destruction along the springtime shores of County Meath, Ireland, on his YouTube page. His account is worth a read in its entirety. One of my favorite parts:
A pair of interesting little tidbits that came up in my researching some of the species I hadn't seen before; a group of starfish is known as a constellation, fittingly enough, and a dead starfish on the shore is called a wreck.

The Hendrix lyrics here.
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