28 March 2013


In this intense short film by Matthew Brown, William Trubridge sets a new freediving world record while bringing attention to the plight of New Zealand's diminutive Hector's dolphin.

HECTOMETER - World Record from Matty Brown on Vimeo.

According to the New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust tiny (4.5 feet 1.5 meter) Hector's dolphins (Cephalorhynchus hectori) are in urgent need of protection from entanglement in fishing nets in waters out to 100 meters 328 feet deep. The inshore waters of New Zealand's South Island are the only habitat of this species. The IUCN Red List catagorizes them as endangered, their population decreasing (real or projected) by 50 percent over three dolphin generations. Meantime their kin, New Zealand's Maui's dolphins (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui) from the North Island, are the most endangered cetacean on Earth, with only 55 individuals remaining.

William Trubridge, I hope your breathhold diving has worked a miracle and jumpstarted some new action. 

Meanwhile, New Zealand: Really? 
Hector's dolphins. Photo courtesy of NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust.

Fave frame: The way up.

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